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English summary.

Welcome to the website of the Danish Tourette Syndrome Association – Adult Group . This site is intended to raise awareness in Denmark of Tourette Syndrome, it’s symptoms and possible treatment, and to be a source of Tourette information in Danish. It’s other main purpose is to promote the Danish Tourette association as a community where people with Tourette, and parents of children with Tourette can seek information, and learn from each other.

The association was founded in 2002 and initially had about 200 people in our forums, a number that has growning every day. The association has worked closely with Danish Tourette Syndrome Association.

Ignorance and misconceptions about the disorder are widespread, and can lead to serious difficulties for individuals who have it, especially adults and adolescents. It is therefore the main aim of the association to inform Tourette Syndrome.

Contact information:
Danish Tourette Syndrome Association – Adult Group
Yrsavej 1
7500 Holstebro
Tel: (+45) 23 64 86 86
E-mail: post@uffe.it